Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

Our Strategy, Vision & Values

disabled childWith over 300,000 residents, Lewisham is the 14th largest borough in London by population size and children make up 24.5% of the population.

We are an ethnically diverse borough with over two thirds of the children in our schools being from black and minority ethnic backgrounds with over 170 different languages spoken by pupils.

Our aim, backed up by what children, young people, parents, carers and those whose job it is to support them have told us, is that children in Lewisham should:

  • Have the best start in life and be protected from harm
  • Have good physical and emotional health
  • Develop, achieve and be ready for adulthood
  • Feel listened to, understood and respected, in a context of community diversity

To deliver our goals, we will:

  • Put children and young people first every time
  • Together with families, we will have the highest aspirations and ambition for all our children and young people
  • Make a positive difference to the to the lives of children and young people

We will use evidence and analysis to set the Strategic Priorities which will form the focus of our activities. These priorities will be the areas that we believe are the key areas where, working in partnership, we can improve, develop and achieve our goals As a partnership, we are firmly committed to the belief that safeguarding of children is everyone’s business.

Our principles are set out in the Lewisham Children and Young People Plan 2018 – 2021.

We must:

  • have a clear and shared understanding of the data so that we have a shared language to articulate the challenges and the impact we want to make
  • Have a shared understanding of and approach to the management of risk to ensure that all partners can make timely and effective decisions
  • Ensure that services for children and young people must be designed and delivered in a way that reflects the richness of diversity in the borough, working with and listening to communities so that innovation can be harnessed, risk can be moderated, escalation of need can be prevented and life chances maximised
  • Have performance measures that are based on a shared understanding of what success should look like from the perspective of children, young people and their families
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