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Hoarding & Self-neglect

What is Hoarding?

  • The acquisition of, and failure to discard, a large number of possessions that appear to be useless or of limited value. (Frost and Gross, 1993)


  • Living spaces are cluttered enough that they can't be used for the activities for which they were designed.  (Frost and Hartl, 1996)


  • Where significant distress or impairment in functioning is caused by the hoarding.

Hoarding has been recognised as a metal health issue since Community Care published ‘Hoarding and self-neglect – what social workers need to know

New Hoarding and Self-Neglect Briefing from the LSAB

Read our briefing on hoarding and self-neglect.

LSAB Self-Neglect Learning Seminar

Thanks to all those that attended our learning seminar. As promised to you at the event here is the presentation for you. 

Here are links to some good background documents & briefings on hoarding and self-neglect.

In particular:

SCIE Self Neglect Managers Briefing March 2015 by Suzy Braye, David Orr and Michael Preston-Shoot

British Psychological Society Hoarding 2015 - A Psychological Perspective on Hoarding

The clutter image rating clearly illustrates the wide range of clutter in different rooms from clear to extreme.

Self- Help to De-Hoard Your Home

If you feel you are hoarding in your home and would like to help yourself de-hoard below are links to advice, information and top tips on how you can achieve this.



New Training Resource from Safeguarding Adults in Gloucestershire

“Am I YOUR Job?” is a brand new trainer resource (training session plan and video) on Self-Neglect from Safeguarding Adults in Gloucestershire.



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