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Lewisham Safeguarding Adults Board

Carers - Information and Support

If you help another person who needs support to live in their home then you may be a Carer. The person you care for could be mentally or physically disabled, ill or elderly and frail. They could be your parent, child, partner, relative or friend

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Tel: 020 8314 7777

Email: SCAIT@lewisham.gov.uk

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Tel: 020 8699 8686

Email: info@carerslewisham.org.uk

Professionals using too much jargon?

If you're finding it difficult to navigate the mind field of jargon that can often be used by professionals in the care and support occupations Think Local Act Personal have a useful Jargon Buster that can help carers understand the language that is commonly used in care and support work.

Carer's Briefing Paper

The House of Commons Library briefing paper - Carers was published on Carers Rights Day 2016, Friday 25 November 2016. It provides information about the number of carers in the UK and the issues they face. The report also explains the rights, benefits and support available to carers and Government policy on caring.


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