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LSAB News December 18

Independent age - Living well with long-term health conditions

Independent age have released a new guide on ‘Living well with long-term health conditions’ which provides you or a loved one with information on how to better manage your long-term condition. It covers:

  • How to live well and help yourself
  • Where to look for support and information
  • Getting the most of medical appointments
  • How your condition might affect you and the problems you might have
  • How you might be feeling

Anyone can have a long-term health condition, but as we get older they become more common and we’re more likely to have more than one condition. They can affect not just our physical health but also our confidence, mood, mental health, lifestyle and more.

If you or a loved one has a long-term health condition, read this guide for information on how to live well with it.
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Busting Data Protection / GDPR myths

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 do not prevent, or limit, the sharing of information for the purposes of keeping people safe. They serve to ensure that personal information is shared appropriately.

Information can be shared without consent to keep an individual at risk safe from neglect or physical, emotional or mental harm, or if it is protecting their physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing. But, where possible, consent should be sought from the individual before information is shared. "Safeguarding of children and of individuals at risk, Sections 18, Schedule 1, Data Protection Act 2018”.

Keep a record of your decision and the reasons for it—whether it is to share information or not. If you decide to share, then record what you have shared, with whom and for what purpose.

Ensure that the information you share is necessary and proportionate for the purpose for which you are sharing it, is shared only with those individuals who need to have it (i.e. relevant), is adequate for its purpose, is accurate and up to date, is shared in a timely fashion and is shared securely.

Use your judgement when making decisions about what information to share.

If in doubt, seek advice but please don’t not share information because you believe that ‘confidentiality’ prevents you from doing so – it doesn’t.

For more information, visit our Information Sharing page.


Age uk – No one should have no one to turn to

More than 2.5 million older people in the UK feel they have no one to turn to for help and support.

As Christmas approaches, Age UK would like more people to know that they are here to help. And that's why their free, confidential advice line is open every day of the year. Even on Christmas!

To find out more about their campaign and watch their new television advert, Click Here!

Lewisham Safeguarding Adults Board would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

The opening hours for our service over Christmas and New Year.

We will be closed from Monday 24th December until Friday 28th December 2018.

Open Monday 31st December 2018.

Closed Tuesday 1st Jan 2019.

Open as normal Wednesday 2nd January 2019.


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