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Lewisham Safeguarding Adults Board

LSAB News November 2017

The guidance, is subject to a 10-week consultation, and makes it clear that local authorities should treat victims of domestic abuse, currently in safe accommodation such as a refuge, as a priority for social housing. It also makes clear that those victims who have fled to refuges in other parts of the country should not be disadvantaged in accessing social housing.

In addition, local authorities are being encouraged to use their existing powers to help victims of domestic abuse to remain safely in their own home without their abuser, if they wish to.

The government believes that victims fleeing domestic abuse should be given as much assistance as possible to ensure they are able to re-build their lives away from abuse and harm.

This consultation sets out proposals for new statutory guidance for local authorities to assist victims of domestic abuse living in refuges, and other forms of safe temporary accommodation, to access social housing.



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