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Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child or young person

Email: mashagency@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 6660

Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

Email: safeguardingpartnership@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 3396

Missing, Exploited (Child Sexual Exploitation) & Trafficking

Lewisham Safeguarding Children Board:

Child sexual exploitation is on of Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership's (LSCP) key priorities. The LSCP therefore endeavours to prevent children and young people being sexually exploited by understanding the issues associated with the activity and raising community awareness so to equip our neighbourhoods, schools and workforce with the knowledge, skills and tools to tackle this and associated need.  We will continue to identify those children and young people who are at risk of sexual exploitation and will intervene robustly to minimise the potential for harm, disrupt the problematic behaviours and use criminal procedures as appropriate.  

LSCP MET Strategy:

The LSCP has overall responsibility for ensuring there is a coordinated, multi-agency response to children who are at risk of sexual exploitation. The full operating framework is set out in the LSCP Missing, Exploitation and Trafficking (MET) strategy which can be accessed via the link listed below.

CSE Toolkit:

There are 3 different levels of risk indicators for CSE as explained in the CSE toolkit:

  • Low level risk indicators
  • Medium level risk indicators
  • High level risk indicators

The MASH referral process can be found here: http://www.safeguardinglewisham.org.uk/lscb/lscb/professionals/early-help

The LSCB strongly promotes the use of the CSE risk assessment toolkit by all professionals to assist them in assessing the risks and early indicators of CSE. It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent children and young people being sexually exploited.

The Lewisham LSCP MET strategy needs to be read in conjunction with the following documents:

  • London Child Protection Procedures
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children (DFE, 2015)
  • Safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation (DCSF 2009)
  • Tackling child sexual exploitation action plan (DFE, 2011) and Tackling child sexual exploitation action plan; progress report (DFE, 2012)
  • Pan London CSE Protocol (revised 2015)
  • Statutory Guidance on children who run away and go missing from home or care (DSCF, 2009)
  • Safeguarding children who may have been trafficked; practice guidance (DFE & HO, 2011)
  • Victims of Human Trafficking – guidance for frontline staff (UKBA & HO, 2013)

Missing, Exploited & Trafficked (MET) Strategy

Appendix A - National and Local Context

Appendix B - Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Appendix C - Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment & Toolkit

Appendix D - Emerging Best Practice: Learning from Serious Case Reviews and Studies of Current Practice

Appendix E - Children Who Run Away or Go Missing From Home or Care

Appendix F - Navigate Project Online Safety

Appendix G - Lewisham Child Sexual Exploitation and Missing Sub Group & MET Board Terms of Reference

DfE CSE Definition Guide February 2017


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