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Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child or young person

Email: mashagency@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 6660

Sharing Good Practice

We are very grateful to a number of Lewisham schools have kindly shared some of the proformas they are creating and using in their settings from which their colleagues can now benefit.  Schools are welcome to review the items listed and consider whether or not they would like to implement similar systems.  It is very important for any amendments that would need to be made to make these policies relevant to your individual contexts to be made before they are adopted and brought to the governing body for ratification.

Deptford Park – Serious Accident Log Proforma

All Saints CofE – Safeguarding Policy – Child-friendly version

All Saints CofE – Visiting Speakers Policy

Marvels Lane – Governors Single Central Record Monitoring Checklist

St Margaret’s Lee – Safer Recruitment Checklist for schools

Sedgehill – Staff Code of Conduct

Sydenham School – Case Study Template

Sydenham School – Whole School Safeguarding Analysis


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