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Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child or young person

Email: mashagency@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 6660

Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

Email: safeguardingpartnership@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 3396

Harmful Cultural Practices - Series of Webinars

Target Group:              Professionals who work directly with children and families in the borough of Lewisham

Trainer:                        Anne Flaherty of African Advocacy Foundation

Time:                           11:00am – 12:30pm

Delegates:                   20 places 

Series Details

Tuesday 6th October 2020:   Breast Ironing/Flattening & Human Trafficking - Application Form

Tuesday 3rd November 2020: Child and Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence - Application Form

Tuesday 12th January 2021:   Child Abuse linked to Faith & Belief - Application Form

Tuesday 16th February 2021:   Female Genital Mutilation Awareness - Application Form

Course Overview:

The course provides the opportunity for practitioners and frontline professionals to develop their awareness of each subject. Each course will examine the definition, terminology, global and local data, demographics, indicators, concepts of faith and belief, types of abuse, exploitation, sexual health and neglect implications, challenges, intervention techniques and safeguarding duties in the context of the subject matter. It will also raise awareness of relevant legislation, national and local government guidelines, and best practice for intervention and safeguarding. With each training, the course will allow for a robust question and answer session to further engage participants. After each session, participants will be provided with a version of the presentation for their future reference, replete with links to relevant resources.

Learning objectives:

--Know what constitutes: FGM, CALFB, breast flattening, trafficking, forced marriage, honour-based abuse/violence

--Understand reasons given for/motivations for all harmful practices

--Identify those who are at risk and who are the victims 

--Identify those who perpetuate such practices

--The impact harmful practices have on the psychological, physical, and social well-being of victims

--Understand the reasons given to uphold harmful practices

--Understand the culturally specific presentations, considerations and terminology for harmful practices

--Understand the referral and exploratory processes for professional intervention

--Understand UK and International legislation

--Understand mandatory reporting duty in cases of FGM

--Ability to work with other agencies and respond appropriately to cases

--Understanding of the safeguarding duty of professionals


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