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Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child or young person

Email: mashagency@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 6660

Lewisham Safeguarding Children Partnership

Email: safeguardingpartnership@lewisham.gov.uk

Tel: 020 8314 3396

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children & Young People from Extremism (WRAP)

Target Group:           All professionals working with children,  young people and adults in the Borough of Lewisham.

Trainer:                     Sabera Ahsan, Prevent Team

Dates & Times:        Wednesday 18th November 2020, 12noon to 2pm

                                  Thursday 28th January 2021, 8:30am 10:30am

Session for Childminders

Capacity:                  30 places.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the Prevent Strategy & roles within it
  • Develop existing expertise & professional judgement in relation to extremism & radicalisation or recruitment to extremist groups
  • Increase awareness of national/international picture of extremism & terrorism
  • Raise awareness of the links between online risks and radicalisation
  • Improve confidence to raise concerns
  • Raise awareness of Channel interventions; safeguarding the individual
  • Increase whole organisation's capacity to prevent extremism & safeguard vulnerable people

Application Form

Session for Childminders Only Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 6:30pm Application Form


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